Community Support

We partnered with the Anaheim Police Department and Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force to create the first “Soft Room” for victims of Human/Sex Trafficking.

Interrogation rooms are no place for victims and police departments have started to recognize this. Thanks to a sergeant who gave up an office we were able to convert it to a room for victims to wait for their advocate.

The soft room has a custom mural that we commissioned to reach another level to differentiate it from the rest of the station. Along the wall are letters from people who were rescued from the world of sex trafficking which are personal and hopeful.

The room has a couple of chairs, a coffee table, a small TV with kids movies, individually wrapped blankets provided by a local church, and individual art bags with sketchpad and notepad with coloring pencils. They arrive at all hours of the night and wait for hours for their advocate. Our aim was to provide this small comfort in a world where victims are caught up in a nightmare.